Social Development Programmes

Shap Shap NPO social development programme Sibonelo highschool

Girls' Empowerment Programme

Shap Shap runs a very successful Girl’s Empowerment Program in KwaNyuswa and Hammarsdale communities. The program is run in group settings and as a part of our HBC program on a door-to-door basis. 

The programme is run once weekly for two hours for groups and approximately 20 minutes at a beneficiary’s home.

The programme is run in group sessions at our KwaNyuswa Community Centre, Hammarsdale Community Centre, and Empilweni Primary School. 

In the next cycle the program will be run at Bothas Hill Primary School and Primary School where it was paused due to COVID. At schools, the programme is run on a class-by-class basis, as opposed to a whole grade or school. 

We have found that working with smaller groups encourages students to be more engaged and it has a far more positive outcome as students feel ‘safer’ to ask questions and be part of the demonstration activities. It is also easier for us to manage a smaller group of around 30 students, as many of the activities we do requires pairs to present to the class, and if there are too many groups it can become drawn out and unmanageable.

The program is run for girls at EsiBusisweni Creche and Orphanage, The White House Care Home, Ithemba Lisha Care Home, Osindisweni Creche and Orphanage and Siyajabula Orphanage. The programme is also, very importantly, run on a door-to-door basis. 

The programme was started at the beginning of 2020, coinciding with the onset of COVID-19. Although the program was developed in the months that preceded the pandemic, we did not realize the great importance that this program would prove to be over the last year and a half. The program was funded by the South African AIDS Foundation, City Logistics and our loyal supporters. Shap Shap relies on companies to print education booklets and information pamphlets for the program as a part of their CSI. This helps to reduce our running costs for the program.



Empowering girls by giving them the tools to work towards successful and bright futures.

Self defense

Instruction on self-defense tactics. Provision of rape whistles.


A short description of the benefit.


Education surround HIV infection and management.