Who are we?

Shap Shap Cinemas was formed in November of 2015 when the founding members recognised a need for information and understanding on health topics amongst the Gogo’s attending our feeding schemes. We decided that we would need to create our own educational movie tutorials in isiZulu, so that we could share critical information amongst the rural communities in KwaZulu Natal – isiZulu is the most widely spoken language. By sharing information in the vernacular of those who attend our cinemas it means that our audiences are not only watching our movie tutorials, but they are actually understanding them.


Since our inception, we have amassed a library of 25 tutorials on a number of varying topics from ECD material for crèche children, high school study guides and CV creation, a healthy cooking show and various health topics such as HIV prevention, Diabetes awareness and antenatal classes.


We were formally registered as a NPC in May of 2017 and more recently we were also awarded our NPO status.

Initially our main focus areas have been KwaNyuswa and Bothas Hill, however we have recently created a strong foothold in the Hammarsdale community where we have placed our first permanent venue: Hammarsdale Cinema Centre

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.”


Our goal is to place Community Cinema Centres in various other rural areas around KZN to create a network of centres where critical information can be shared with community members, as well as create hubs for learning, skills development and feeding schemes. A great challenge in rural areas is the ability to share information amongst those who live there. Our centres, which are fully equipped to play movie tutorials and provide access to the internet, are a solution to this. 

These centres are created from converted shipping containers to make use of a recycled resource KZN has easy access to, as well as ensure a safe and durable venue for these community centre cinemas. To aid these centres we will still continue with the running of our mobile cinemas which we set up at creches, schools, clinics and community halls.

We have set up two permanent community centres like this in Kwanyuswa and Hammersdale that are flourishing.


Our pilot and second project are still thriving and run from our community centre in Hammarsdale(Mpumalanga) and Kwanyuswa (Quiniselani Manyuswa).

We envisage our Community Centres running in and serving every rural community around KZN but the areas that we have identified and would like to roll out in, in the immediate future are: 

  • Inchanga
  • uMgababa
  • Umbumbulu
  • uMzinyathi
  • KwaXimba
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Our Team

Bianca Ivanković van den Berg

Founder and Director

Lawrence Sidumo Jali

Community Project manager

Gabor Ivanković

Programme coordinator

Gogo Makamissy

Hammarsdale Community Centre

Hlengiwe Mthembu

Hammarsdale Feeding Scheme Cook

Gareth Van den berg

Volunteer coordinator

Gogo Madlala

Hammarsdale Community Centre

Kelvin Ivanković

Founder and treasurer

Buhle Dlamini

KwaNyuswa Community Manager