Empowering communities through education

We are a charity organisation in Durban, South Africa that provides the necessary resources and care to allow the people we support to thrive and empower them improve their quality of life.


In 2015, Bianca Ivankovic Van den Berg started a meat-free feeding scheme in the rural community of KwaNyuswa, in Outer West Durban, South Africa. The programme ran once a week at an orphanage and aimed to provide a healthy meal for the children who stayed there and the Gogo’s (‘Granny’s) in the surrounding community. As the feeding scheme grew, Bianca identified problems beyond hunger and malnutrition. One of the most apparent and frightening problems was the lack of knowledge around basic health topics such as Type 2 Diabetes, diet and nutrition, hypertension, HIV and AIDS etc. These are critical issues facing rural communities in South Africa and the majority of the population has no information about these issues or how to live a life facing them.

You can only truly understand a community and its struggles by immersing yourself in it. Bianca and her team have played an integral role in the communities that Shap Shap has served for the last nine years. Over this time, they have loved, served, educated, formed relationships, developed a rapport and uncovered the real issues facing people in South Africa. What began as a small feeding scheme developed into a fully-fledged non-profit charity in Durban that runs from two permanent community centres in KwaNyuswa and Hammarsdale as well as from local halls, schools and churches in some of the most impoverished communities in South Africa. Shap Shap is also involved in homecare and social development programmes that allow people to form mutually beneficial relationships and care for their communities.

For over 9 years, Shap Shap has been working to address poverty, poor education and illiteracy so that all people have access to a quality life and strive for better life conditions. Shap Shap also strives to engage with communities about nutrition and address food security through our vegan nutrition education and permaculture programs. 

As a charity organisation in durban we run the following programmes

Shap Shap community uplifting programmes provide support in some of the poorest and most underprivileged regions, creating opportunities for those in need to learn and thrive.

Our Community Centres have created a ripple effect, initiating several upliftment projects with a focus on basic education, skills development, and youth development

Our locations

Shap Shap NPO Creche and orphanage
Shap Shap NPO social development programme Sibonelo highschool

we are aiming to expand our charity organisation into these areas

Our work is based on fIVE main pillars


Educational programmes focused at ECD's, youth and young women. We also use content created in conjunction with our communities, including books and video content to share important educational content.


Inspire and promote sustainable living in the communities we work with to allow people to provide for themselves, their families and their neighbours for years to come.


Sharing vegan meals with the community. Teaching communities to grow and cook their own healthy food. Encouraging communities to share.


Our programmes enable people to grow themselves and make positive changes in their lives; in their social, economic and physical wellbeing


Helping curb the HIV epidemic, and providing education and support for people living with HIV has been one of our main priorities. Alongside this, we assist those living with diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. That’s why donating is so extraordinary when you do it.”

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.